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FG or Barra motor

Typhoon Conversion Packages

Putting a Barra or FG Turbo motor into a classic Ford is the No1 engine conversion in Australia at the moment. RRS is with you, we have built a test car & from that a series of products to help.

 RRS is now road and track testing our turbo 1984 LTD with ZF 6 speed.

The Barra or FG motor (approx 73cm wide) will fit into most Falcon & Fairlane engine bays except XK to XP Falcon, without modifying the engine bay, but only just. In the RRS test car the turbo cleared the drivers side by 4mm, which covers from XR to XF.

Your first choice is modify the engine or the engine bay, our choice (RRS) was create a lot more space in the engine bay.

Replacing the original front suspension with Gen7 front coilovers allowed RRS to "notch the shock towers" without reducing the structural integrity of the front of the car.

Shock tower notching kit for Mustangs

Notching Kit for

Mustangs 64 - 73

Compact Fairlanes

Maverick Comet

Shock tower notching kit for ZA to DA  Fairlanes

Notching Kit for

Australian Falcons XK-XF

Fairlanes ZA to DA

Notching the towers meant installing the HO2 height adjustable coil-overs and an RRS brake package.

Gen7 H.O.2 RRS latest coil-over with custom geometric correction knuckle, high load Bearing Hub, light weight billet top mount, cold formed chrome silicon wire springs

Grabber Engine Mounts

RRS has developed engine mount options for Barra/FG turbo motors. The Grabber engine mounts are torque limiting for greater performance. RRS has developed a series of engine mounts and rear engine mounts to fit the turbo 4.0L motors to Falcons, Fairlanes, Mustangs,etc.

Staying at the front of the car the next product RRS developed was grabber engine mounts for the Barra or FG engines.

RRS fast ratio Rack n Pinion steering system

G6 GT Rack n Pinion Powered Rack

RRS latest fast ratio bolt-in powered rack, now with a 5 year Warranty.

RRS has models to suit Australian Falcons, Fairlanes, Fairmonts, and LTDs, a great range of left and right hand drives for Mustangs, Mavericks, Torinos, US Falcons and Fairlanes and the Mercury Cougars, Comets, Cyclones, and Montegos

RRS engineer and product designer Matthew Pankau moved the battery to the boot. "Moving the battery to the boot is a bigger change than people think 18 kilos moved from in front of the front wheel to behind the back wheel".

The Falcon, Fairlane and early Mustang have a cross member that sits across the centre of the engine bay. The Barra of FG (except Territory) are rear sump and even the territory sump does not clear most cross members

RRS Front Sump

& Pick Up

RRS exchange Sump Pan & Pickup system. RRS will Custom modify your sump and pick up to fit your car. To give extra capacity & made to clear factory X member

RRS Sway bar custom configured available in 19,20 or 21mm

In changing the sump to front, the original sway bar no longer fits, RRS has created an extended sway to navigate the new shape.

Remapping the EMC & AMC depending on the choice of gearbox.

The Barra and FG motors are fully integrated into the car,  body control module, ABS, ACM (for auto models), traction control, speed sensors, all these functions need to be hooked up, disabled or mimicked.

There are many different ways to solve the wiring, at RRS we choose to fully convert the computer and loom to a stand alone function and use the ZF 6 speed automatic ACM.

The advantage with the stand alone system is the ability to use existing your dash and customise the car setup with multiple computer tunes.

The  two methods RRS have tried are CAE (Castle Automotive Electrical) for remapping and building a custom loom with interface boxes to use existing dash and column, the other is Herrod motorsport using SCT flash tuner and turning off the computer security and set up tune profiles. The SCT system allows dyno setup and to build multiple tunes.

These choices will come down your build plan and the cars intended use.

RRS Dump pipe to exhaust

RRS  4" Dump Pipe

Turbos love air and air flow the original exhaust on the FG is restricted 2¼" dump pipe RRS has configured the Tsunami to an open 4" system to navigate past the RRS rack.

RRS  Twin 2½" Exhaust

RRS has developed 4"  single collector to a twin 2½" exhaust to high flow muffler.

So we have covered front suspension & brakes, engine bay, engine mounts, sump, sway bar, dump pipe & exhaust. Now we are inside the car, you have to mount your BA/FG pedal, and depending on your budget you will want to get that big old master cylinder out of the engine bay.

RRS  Pedal Mount

You need to use the electronic accelerator with your motor. RRS has developed a simple universal flat plate. The pedal mount comes in 2 configurations.

RRS  Under dash brake booster

RRS has developed the Stealth under dash brake booster and master cylinder (manual or auto left or right hand drive).

RRS  Gearbox Mount

RRS gear box mount cross member, the highlighted piece is if you incorporate the RRS 3-link rear suspension system into the mod motor conversion.

RRS  3-Link

RRS has created the Trans-Am 3 link rear suspension mini coil-over system to suit 9" diffs. If you purchase the 3 link you will get the gear box mount cross member included.

The 3 link will allow use the RRS wheel speed sensor.

RRS Trans Am 3 link is the great way to complete the conversion of your classic Ford into a high performance, totally reliable, starts every time. climate controlled work of engineering perfection.

After the form below have look at the under side of 1984 LTD with the full RRS treatment, this is the new RRS demonstration car that will begin touring shortly.

RRS  3-Link

RRS has created a simple rear wheel sensor that easily mounts in the RRS 3 link setup.

Then plug into your speed sensor pick up

RRS new fuel tank suit XR - XY Falcon, in-tank pump, fitted with original fuel gauge sender.  ALL NEW PARTS


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Typhoon turbo engine swap logo
Typhoon turbo engine swap logo
FG or Barra motor
Typhoon turbo engine swap logo
FG or Barra motor
RRS fast ratio Rack n Pinion steering system
Typhoon turbo engine swap logo
FG or Barra motor
RRS fast ratio Rack n Pinion steering system
Typhoon turbo engine swap logo
Typhoon turbo engine swap logo